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privacy policy

General information 

The privacy policy of our website has been developed to make it clear to everyone who shares their private information with us.  -

Please read all the above to find out how we keep your information confidential

What private information do we take from everyone who visits our site •

When you register on our site or place an order, we may ask for your name, email, address, -

.Phone number and credit card information. And this is in order to help you in your experience on our site

When do we take this information 

.We take it when you register on the site, make a request or enter information on our site -

How we use this information 

We may use the information that we take from you when registering or making an order for several reasons, namely:to customize the user experience of the site users and show what interests them in our site.Let's improve our website and serve you better.For ease of communication and your service in case there is a request.To show you the site contests, offers and .Other characteristics.To quickly complete your order

How do we maintain visitor information 

We constantly check our site to protect it from hacks in order to make your visit to our site as safe as possible

Degree. We constantly check the site for gaps. Your private information is all stored behind secure networks 

It is powerful and can only be accessed by a few people who have the rights to access our systems and are required not to disclose this information. The credit card information you provide to us is securely encrypted. We take different security standards when an order arrives 

In order to maintain SSL through technology

.Confidentiality of your personal information. All operations are performed through another portal and are not saved in our servers 

Do we use "cookies?" 

Yeah. Cookies are small files that the site transfers to the hard drive of your device by -

The browser way if you allow it to save you some information. For example, we use cookies to save what

 You ordered it in the shopping cart. We also use it to remember the last thing you have chosen on our site, which improves our service to you

Including, cookies help us to find out the number of access to our site and interaction on it.

Reasons for our use of cookies:

Remember and find out the order items in the shopping cart.To save users ' options in case they enter the site in the future

Ad tracking you can choose to have your device alert you every time a message is sent

Cookies, or you can disable sending this service through the browser used

Disclosure to a third party

We do not sell, barter or send your information to outside parties

Third-party links

Sometimes, we may offer you products or services on our site from another party. These sites that we show have

Their own laws. Therefore, we are not responsible for the content or activities of these links, however,

We strive to protect the integrity of our site and we are glad to hear your opinions about these sites